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Adobe® Flash® CS5 Professional

06/05/2010 12 comments

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 – new version of the program to work with animation and multimedia. This is the industry standard for creating dynamic, interactive applications with the ability to output the most across media: personal computers, mobile devices and screens of almost any size and resolution. In Flash Professional CS5, a new engine for working with text, improved tools for collaboration on projects, added to ready-made pieces of code. Using Flash Professional CS5, designers and developers can create Web content for multiple mobile platforms and devices. With the new tool Packager, you can create AIR-application for the iPhone, but in the near future, as support for Android, BlackBerry and Palm webOS.
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Tổng hợp sách Flash

15/06/2009 24 comments

Bài này mình post lại từ diễn đàn vnxf. Do mới đây đổi host nên các link download ở diễn đàn die sạch. Đây là số sách Flash tiếng việt và tiếng anh mà mình sưu tập được.

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Thêm *.FLV MIME vào IIS webserver

Định dạng .flv tỏ ra ưu việt và trở lên khá phổ biến. Khi bạn up file .flv lên web chạy OS Windows server 2003 hay bất kỳ OS nào khác nhưng nó không chạy được bạn cần khai MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) để server biết định dạng này.
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Beginning Game Programming with Flash

31/03/2009 4 comments

beginning-game-programming-with-flash1Beginning Game Programming with Flash
352 pages | Course Technology PTR; 1 edition (December 17, 2007) | 1598633988 | PDF | 5 Mb

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The Essential Guide to Flex

Flex 3 is the next generation of a technology that revolutionized web applications. It is the next evolutionary step of Flash, which has grown from a web animation medium to a powerful enterprise web design and development platform. With nearly 98% of all web browsers, and a growing number of mobile devices, running Flash Player, a knowledge of Flex is indispensible for any serious web developer.
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The ActionScript 3.0 Migration Guide


The ActionScript 3.0 Migration Guide 
Making The Move From ActionScript 2.0 
2009 | 160 Pages | PDF | 1.16 MB

When Flash Player 9 released in June 2006, it introduced the new scripting language, ActionScript 3, which has already taken hold in the Adobe Flex application development community. ActionScript 3 provides not only a significant enhancement in performance, but also a more robust programming model that lends itself to complex Rich Internet Application development.

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Learning Flash Media Server 3

If you’re interested in recording and streaming media using Flash Media Server 3 (FMS3) and Adobe’s Real-Time Messaging Protocol, this unique 267-page PDF-only book is the perfect primer. It is not a reference, but a systematic guide to developing FMS3 applications using ActionScript 3.0, with chapters that focus on specific aspects of the server and how they work. FMS3 is very different from regular web servers. Because its open-socket server technology stays connected until users quit the application, you can stream audio, video, text, and other media in real time. FMS3 is also quite different from previous versions, a fact that web developers familiar with Flash Media Server 2 or Flash Communication Server 1.5 will quickly discover.

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